Old Dyson Vacuum

20170614_193059Another casualty from the Great Purge. We’ve had this Dyson vacuum for 5 years, but when our family came to help us out, we got a new one. It still works but it definitely could use some TLC… we considered sending it to the eco station but eh, what the heck. Maybe someone needs a vacuum.

After posting the ad I immediately get 10 emails inquiring about it, someone calls me – and halfway through the call, someone ELSE calls me about it. Holy man. Popular vacuum!

The lady who picked the up drove all the way from Devon to get it. Feeling lucky that for these donations people have been coming to me!



Flatware To a Good Home


Recently I’ve been working on helping my own family after we had a rough patch. Part of that was purging and cleaning up our house.


Today I listed a tray of flatware for free and within 10 minutes received a call! This lovely lady came to pick it up, even though it was raining, and I even helped her figure out how to start a new texting thread. ;)

This is not the first or last item to be offloaded… currently working on giving away our old Dyson vacuum, which is like a hotcake!

Still feels good to give things to people. The resounding interest in FREEMAN never ceases to amaze me.

The First Post Cards Arrived!

In order to follow through on the post card promise (see my Patreon Page), I ordered some post cards a couple weeks ago. They’ll be sent to my generous donors that have supported the initiative to help as many people as possible!

A sneak peek of what they look like is in the image in this post… I’m excited to start sending them out!

In addition to that, I’m hoping to finally deliver that table (it’s taking up almost my entire back seat and it’s hard to go grocery shopping right now, haha). I moved some of the last family’s donations up to my apartment to help clear some space and make “mission: table extraction” easier when the time comes.

Check out the Patreon page to see what the supporter rewards are, if you’d like! And thanks to everyone for being so supportive thus far. :)

Family #2: Grocery Run

As I was surfing ads for cheap or free items around town that I know people will need later, I came across an ad: “Wanted: Need donated goods for trade for household items”. Intrigued, I clicked on it, and read through the description. TL:DR, the poster was offering to trade their possessions for food to feed 4 people for the next week. Collectibles, clothes, game consoles…

So I got in touch to see what it was all about. Turns out it’s a man who has had a string  of (7!) work-related injuries that messed up his spine, and then a bad car accident in 2014. He has been diagnosed with a list of things a mile long (many of which mean chronic pain), but he’s still going strong, from what I can tell. He can’t work (he’s actually in a wheelchair, as I found out when I dropped off the goods), but he’s an artist with a blog (linked). So normally, he’ll trade his art for food and stuff. I think it’s cool what people can do when they are determined to succeed.

Anyway, in the ad he said $50 of groceries to feed him, his girlfriend, and his two kids would mean $100 of stuff. He’d been to the food bank (which has been under MASSIVE strain the last couple years), but needed to tide over for the next week. I need stuff for other families, he needs food… Seems like a win/win! After picking up a cheap backpack someone was selling near my house, I went to Superstore and grabbed ~$60 worth of stuff (milk, bread, jam, the like) and dropped it off at his house.

Super friendly guy, his kid was playing in the living room (dressed up so we can take a photo XD). He had even moved all the things that fit the description of what I wanted (school and office supplies, kitchen gadgets, blankets, etc.) to a pile by the front door.

Donated by family #2 in exchange for food - will be going to other families, or liquidated for food/supply money!

Donated by family #2 in exchange for food – will be going to other families, or liquidated for food/supply money!

He’s even offered to donate supplies to me in the future if he receives things he doesn’t need, or as the kids get older. It was great to meet someone with their chin up even though they were struggling to put food on the table! He hit the nail on the head with “amazing people like you help me keep hope in humanity”.

Family #1: Item Dropoff

So today I hauled all the stuff up to the house that the mom will be living at and dropped it off. The drive took me up to an older neighborhood (pictured, you can tell because of those beautiful large trees). Her friend (that has been coordinating this with me the entire time) helped us pack it all in.

I found out that she left an abusive relationship (which I see a lot of these days, it seems). It’s unfortunate that things like that happen to people, but at the same time it’s nice to see that people are leaving those situations for better things and trying to move on with their lives and start fresh.

Still have to pick up the table and 2 chairs ($15!), which I’m about to go and do right now. Fingers crossed they fit into the backseat of my SUV!


Family #1: Single Mom and Son

The family I’m helping right now is a single mom with a 6-year-old son. More details to follow, but so far I’ve collected:

– A free table with two chairs (not pictured, still have to pick it up.)
– A ton of food, like a flat of juice boxes for her son’s school lunches, cheerios, pasta and sauces, some cake mixes, and canned soup, etc.)
– Kitchen items, including some bakeware (cookie sheet, cake pan, muffin tray) and utensils (flipper, scoop, peeler).
– Plates/bowls/cups/mugs.
– A backpack, lunch bag, and school supplies for her son.
– Some basic organizational supplies (notebook, pens) for her to use.
– A basket filled with Duplo blocks (only $8!)

Honestly without going down to my car to check the trunk it’s hard to remember everything I’ve collected so far (through random second-hand sales negotiating online). But it’s been great fun, and I’m scheduled to deliver most of the goods January 16/17 at 2pm. I’m excited!

– I had arranged for a free couch to be delivered to her, but it was too long. :( But it saved me the delivery fee!

Previous Philanthropy

Some charity pursuits had already happened before this idea budded in my mind. One of them:

I had a client a year or so ago that was having a really hard time – lost job, couldn’t make payments, etc. I collected almost $180 in donations from some very amazing people, which helped him settle some of his debts and buy a week’s worth of groceries.

He was so surprised when I gave him the donations that he almost got upset (why would anyone waste money on him?), but he soon was smiling and grateful.

It sure was a great feeling. But it’s the people that gave that made it possible, and I can never thank any of my donors enough for their support.