My name is Kim, and I’m passionate about helping people. I just can’t help myself. So I’ve started a blog about my experiences (which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time!).

What I like to do is find families in need and connect them with the resources they need to have something resembling a life. We’re talking about single parents, people that have left abusive relationships. Some with one or more children, others with disabilities. They all have one thing in common: they want things to be better, and are trying to get there – but we all know, it can be hard.

I’ve been doing some charity work around my home city out of my own pocket, but without more resources, there’s a very restricting limit to how many people I can help. With even $1 per family of help from people like you, that want to make a difference no matter how small, I am confident I can set people up with the basics of a new, better life (whether it’s second-hand furniture, food, or school supplies for their kids).

For recurring donations and perks that go along with it, please see my Patreon Page.