Family #2: Grocery Run

As I was surfing ads for cheap or free items around town that I know people will need later, I came across an ad: “Wanted: Need donated goods for trade for household items”. Intrigued, I clicked on it, and read through the description. TL:DR, the poster was offering to trade their possessions for food to feed 4 people for the next week. Collectibles, clothes, game consoles…

So I got in touch to see what it was all about. Turns out it’s a man who has had a string  of (7!) work-related injuries that messed up his spine, and then a bad car accident in 2014. He has been diagnosed with a list of things a mile long (many of which mean chronic pain), but he’s still going strong, from what I can tell. He can’t work (he’s actually in a wheelchair, as I found out when I dropped off the goods), but he’s an artist with a blog (linked). So normally, he’ll trade his art for food and stuff. I think it’s cool what people can do when they are determined to succeed.

Anyway, in the ad he said $50 of groceries to feed him, his girlfriend, and his two kids would mean $100 of stuff. He’d been to the food bank (which has been under MASSIVE strain the last couple years), but needed to tide over for the next week. I need stuff for other families, he needs food… Seems like a win/win! After picking up a cheap backpack someone was selling near my house, I went to Superstore and grabbed ~$60 worth of stuff (milk, bread, jam, the like) and dropped it off at his house.

Super friendly guy, his kid was playing in the living room (dressed up so we can take a photo XD). He had even moved all the things that fit the description of what I wanted (school and office supplies, kitchen gadgets, blankets, etc.) to a pile by the front door.

Donated by family #2 in exchange for food - will be going to other families, or liquidated for food/supply money!

Donated by family #2 in exchange for food – will be going to other families, or liquidated for food/supply money!

He’s even offered to donate supplies to me in the future if he receives things he doesn’t need, or as the kids get older. It was great to meet someone with their chin up even though they were struggling to put food on the table! He hit the nail on the head with “amazing people like you help me keep hope in humanity”.


One thought on “Family #2: Grocery Run

  1. I, too had the honour of meeting this man. He was interested in some items I had posted on a buy/sell/trade app. We messaged eachother trying to coordinate a meet up during those frigid cold days and got to talking about ourselves. I was very surprised to learn what exactly he deals with on a daily basis. I would have never guessed it given his positive and very polite demeanor. I was very pleased that there still are such people out there that aren’t hardened or defeated by modern day trials and tribulations.

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