Family #1: Single Mom and Son

The family I’m helping right now is a single mom with a 6-year-old son. More details to follow, but so far I’ve collected:

– A free table with two chairs (not pictured, still have to pick it up.)
– A ton of food, like a flat of juice boxes for her son’s school lunches, cheerios, pasta and sauces, some cake mixes, and canned soup, etc.)
– Kitchen items, including some bakeware (cookie sheet, cake pan, muffin tray) and utensils (flipper, scoop, peeler).
– Plates/bowls/cups/mugs.
– A backpack, lunch bag, and school supplies for her son.
– Some basic organizational supplies (notebook, pens) for her to use.
– A basket filled with Duplo blocks (only $8!)

Honestly without going down to my car to check the trunk it’s hard to remember everything I’ve collected so far (through random second-hand sales negotiating online). But it’s been great fun, and I’m scheduled to deliver most of the goods January 16/17 at 2pm. I’m excited!

– I had arranged for a free couch to be delivered to her, but it was too long. :( But it saved me the delivery fee!


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